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Foxton Locks and on to Norton Junction 22 miles & 7 locks

After a somewhat disappointing Easter event at Foxton Locks and subsequent very quiet weekend (footfall wise), we are beginning our journey to Rickmansworth for their annual extravaganza!

Aerial picture of us moored at the top of Foxton Locks (picture courtesy of P Hancock)

So we set off, after a hasty trip into town on the bus for me, to fetch prescription and supplies.

No sooner had we cleared the Foxton boundary, the engine shut down completely and we drifted casually into the bank.  Richard could find  nothing wrong at all; engine: seemed fine, prop: all clear... 
His face was one of our pre Christmas engine rebuild saga ~ white with concern.
We carried on..

And, touch wood... the engine is happy again.  Must just have gone over something undesirable and the prop decided it couldn't chop it up!

Into the first tunnel (Husband's Bosworth)

North Kilworth Wharf


A quick video at Welford Junction.  A bit blurry at the beginning but all becomes clear!

Cute tiny narrowboat

Approaching the road bridge under the A14

Overnight mooring in Crick and a trip to the shop for a pudding...

Second tunnel, first thing, at Crick and then we arrived at Watford Locks (7).  We would like to thank the volunteer lock keepers for doing a first class job getting boats up and down the flight without incident.  That includes a boat and butty!

Getting close to Norton Junction as we pass the last marina

Norton Junction and a left turn ahead

The clouds begin to look a little more threatening as we spot our mooring for this evening (on the left, after the workboat) above the locks at Norton Junction.
Tomorrow, we  will do the ablutions and set off down the locks heading for Stoke Bruerne for the weekend..